Day-to-day life may seem a bit unconventional, to say the least, while the city, state and federal government handles the novel coronavirus pandemic, but the good news is many of your favorite Sault Ste. Marie restaurants are still open for business. As per Governor Whitmer’s recommendation, dining in is not possible for the time being. Many restaurants are thinking outside of the box offering delivery, pick-up and curbside services.

While we wait for the mandated restrictions on bars and restaurants to be lifted, here are businesses that we have confirmed are still open or have told the Downtown Development Authority they are still open. To help provide the safest meals possible to customers, some are offering special accommodations such as delivery and curbside pickup.

[ezcol_1third]1668 Winery[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third]Antler’s[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third_end]Austin’s Cigar Lounge[/ezcol_1third_end][ezcol_1third]Applebee’s[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third]Arby’s[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]Bird’s Eye Outfitters[/ezcol_1third_end][ezcol_1third]Burger King[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third]Clyde’s Drive-In[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third_end]Cup of the Day[/ezcol_1third_end][ezcol_1third]Dairy Queen[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third]Domino’s[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third_end]Flannigan’s Goat[/ezcol_1third_end][ezcol_1third]Guido’s[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third]Hungry Howie’s[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third_end]Jimmy John’s[/ezcol_1third_end][ezcol_1third]Little Caesar’s[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third]McDonald’s[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third_end]Pizza Hut[/ezcol_1third_end][ezcol_1third]Soo Brewing Company[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third]Taco Bell[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third_end]Upper Crust Pizza[/ezcol_1third_end][ezcol_1third]The Wicked Sister[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third]Wendy’s[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third_end]West Pier Drive-In[/ezcol_1third_end][ezcol_1third]China Cate[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]Fuji Steakhouse & Sushi[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third_end]Indo China[/ezcol_1third_end]


The most up to date information on these establishments can be found on their Facebook pages. Please be patient with the restaurants as their schedules can change day to day. All of the restaurants are certified by the Chippewa County Health Department, but must listen to state guidelines on availability.

Curbside service is a great way to ensure that you get your food delivered to you in the safest way possible. Bird’s Eye Outfitter, Cup of the Day, and the Palace are offering this accommodation by bringing sandwiches, bagels, coffees, and more to your car windows if you park outside of their entrances. The West Pier is providing the same curb service you’re familiar with are the fast-food restaurants in the area. 

1668 Winery & Lockside Brewery, Austin’s Cigar Lounge, Soo Brewing Company, and the Wicked Sister are offering select beers, wines, and growlers as take-out options.

Delivery to homes and offices is available to courtesy of 1668 Winery, the Wicked Sister and the regular delivery restaurants. 

There are a few days to note too. The C.C. Hall will be offering take-out dinners still. Flannigan’s Goat, the BBQ food truck, is continuing to operate and their schedule as per usual can be found on their Facebook. Clyde’s Drive-In and West Pier Drive-In are open, but only for curbside pickup or drive-in pickup.

Please keep an eye on these businesses’ Facebooks for schedule changes, availability and more information. Also despite the circumstances, you can still expect the same great food and services these restaurants offer. If your business is not listed here, and you’re open and offering take-out, please contact us and we’ll amend the post.

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