It’s March and Madness is in the air. That can only mean one thing – the Sault Ste. Marie CVB’s third annual Freighter Frenzy tournament is about to set sail. The most prestigious Twitter poll in all of Great Lakes shipping culture returns once again to crown a champion.

Voting takes place on the Sault Ste. Marie Twitter account throughout March and into April. Over on our Twitter, we pit two freighters against one another in a poll and depend on our users to determine which freighter floats onto the next round. There is a 48 hour time limit that the polls are up with a 24 hour overtime if needed.

As with the previous two tournaments, the tournament winner will have the honor of being featured in our Twitter display picture and Twitter banner. Last year, the Wilfred Sykes did the unthinkable and claimed her second Freighter Frenzy crown in as many years. Here’s a look at this year’s field.

Section 1 – Voting beginning Tuesday, March 8

“This is the happiest moment of my life.” – The Wilfred Sykes, after winning her second Freighter Frenzy tournament, if she was a human, probably.

The first section of the 32-boat tournament sees the two-time defending champion Wilfred Sykes begin her quest to establishing a dynasty when it comes to the Freighter Frenzy tournament. An influx of Canadian freighters make their debut in this section as well. We expect the Block/Tregurtha contest to be a marquee match-up.

Section 2 – Voting beginning Wednesday, March 9

For the first time we have “salties” in the tournament! The Mandarin from Cyprus and Happy River from the Netherlands are making history. This section also sees our first 1,000-footer match-up of the tournament.

Section 3 – Voting beginning Thursday, March 10

Last year, the Arthur M. Anderson steamrolled the competition in her debut appearance. She took the Syke to her limit too.

Will this be the year she captures the crown?

Section 4 – Voting beginning Friday, March 11

Talk about heavyweights, section four of the Freighter Frenzy tournament is jam packed. It’s so packed, in fact, we’re having our first triple threat matchup. The American Integrity, American Spirit and American Century will be making Super Freighter Friday a day to remember. Speaking of heavyweights, check out who followed along to last year’s tournament.

Misc. housekeeping items

We’re so excited for this tournament! We’re hoping everyone that follows along has a good time voting for their favorite freighters. We did want to address a few things (down here, in the fine print) before we get rolling. Our field of play is based on our photo library. We want to have 5-6 photos (one for each round, plus a few extras in case of OT) of each participant when building out the brackets. We’re also going to be working our TikTok account into this year’s tournament a little bit more. Don’t worry, voting will only take place on Twitter. But, expect to see a few computer voice narrated videos when we reach our final four.