The great outdoors shine bright during the summer in Sault Ste. Marie. There are so many opportunities to explore all the Upper Peninsula has to offer. Enjoy a day at the beach, kayak down the St. Marys River, hike the many trails, explore the historic downtown and so much more. You never know what exciting adventure awaits you during summer in the Soo.


A visit to the Upper Peninsula is synonymous with getting back to nature, making the eastern U.P. a not-to-be-missed destination. Known as the Great Waters region, the EUP offers nature lovers and adventure seekers endless opportunities to explore picturesque locales with a full range of hands-on excitement. Whether one craves a quiet walk through a forest or a ride to the top of a 210 foot tower the Great Waters offers the right mix of serenity and adventure.

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Soo Locks Boat Tour

If the adrenaline rush of exploration is what you crave from your next vacation, carve out several days for your Sault-based adventures. With the beautiful Soo Locks Park, Visitor Center, and observation platform overlooking 1,000-foot freighters there is much to do and see. Don’t just view the Soo Locks experience them aboard a Soo Locks Boat Tours!

Continue the exploration of Sault Ste. Marie in the retired freighter Museum Ship Valley Camp, soar to the top of the 210 foot tall Tower of History , or investigate these other attractions HERE.


Challenge yourself on one of our many golf courses and you’ll find out why we’re rapidly becoming the Upper Peninsula’s most popular destination for golfers. The Soo area offers top notch golf courses. Our courses may vary in degree of difficulty from novice to professional, but all share our unique natural beauty since they have been crafted from the woodlands and fields native to the Soo area.

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Naomikong Point Hike

If land adventure is more your speed, hiking trails abound and bicycles are a welcome mode of transport. The Great Waters is also a place of great contrasts. Nationally-renowned sites, like Tahquamenon Falls, are featured alongside lesser known treasures, like Crisp Point Lighthouse. While one is sure to find fine dining and first class accommodations in some areas of Great Waters, others are more aptly enjoyed with a tent and campfire.

If you’re ready to experience the wondrous sights of the Sault area, you have a wide range of options and opportunities! You can enjoy a brisk morning walk through the forest before breakfast or pack up your tent and hike for days through the impressive countryside. Threading its way across our landscape the North Country National Scenic Trail links outstanding scenic, natural, recreational, historic, and cultural areas from New York to North Dakota.

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Being located on a peninsula surrounded on three sides by water offers many advantages. One of the best is the boating our waters provide. Residents and visitors can sail, motor, row or paddle during most of the year on their choice of lakes, rivers and our neighboring freshwater seas, the Great Lakes. Explore the Upper Peninsula Water Trails Map HERE.

The Great Waters is the place where three of the Great Lakes converge – Michigan, Huron, and Superior. These inland seas undergo awe-inspiring mood changes, showcasing tumultuous whitecaps one day and glassy calm the next, much to the delight of visitors who take to the water atop kayaks, canoes, tour boats, and fishing vessels.


The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a place truly prosperous in bird life. Enthusiasts will fall in love with the serene backdrops of the area. The Northern temperatures create the perfect place to find many unique species, such as the Gyrfalcon, Snowy Owl and Hawk Owl.

The Whitefish Point Bird Observatory offers a delightful birding experience in Paradise, Michigan, a picturesque town situated on the northeastern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula approximately 70 miles west of the Sault. Flocks of songbirds, waterfowl, birds of prey and owls migrate here every spring and fall. Follow the link to Whitefish Point Bird Observatory for more information.

Birdwatchers will also enjoy the Cedarville Waterfront Park located in Cedarville, Michigan approximately 30 miles south of the Sault. This is one of the best places in the region to observe black terns, red-winged blackbirds, American bittern, common snipe, American coot, ring-billed gulls and blue winged treal. Bald Eagles and osprey are occasionally seen in this area as well.