Black Dragon Martial Arts and Wellness Center

Black Dragon Martial Arts is led by Master (5th Dan) Tina Fuller, 2nd Dan Jamie Eavou and Black Belts Kevin Saucedo and Carissa Eavou. Its training curriculum includes Tae Kwon Do, the art of hand and foot, Hapkido and Cardio Kickboxing. Each class features strengthening and stretching exercises, basic drills, forms (hyung), and practical, situational self-defense techniques.

For adults, whether you’re new or seasoned, the martial arts or cardio kickboxing offers the perfect activity. You’ll relieve stress, gain confidence, improve your physical conditioning, and learn how to defend yourself and your family. The adult and family classes will not only be a fun way to get in shape, but also holds the advantages of stress-relieving exercises and a whole new way to look at life’s challenges through applied practical philosophy.

For kids, Black Dragon Martial Arts goes way beyond teaching children how to defend themselves. It is a leadership development program that teaches life-lessons and character development for making the right decisions now and in the future. The benefits are numerous, including a reward system that improves children’s self-esteem, a class structure that teaches discipline, activities to channel aggression, confidence-building skills and lifetime self-defense skills.

Master Tina Fuller stated, “As a member of Black Dragon Martial Arts and Wellness Center, the focus, concentration, awareness and confidence you’ll gain from training in the martial arts or cardio kickboxing will give you the skills you need to handle most situations when you feel under pressure or stressed