Chippewa County Council for Youth and Families

Our council is a local designated group of the Children’s Trust Fund of Michigan. The Michigan Legislature established the CTF in 1982 as a nonprofit organization to provide permanent funding for preventing child abuse and neglect. Since 1982, CTF has raised more than $80 million for child abuse and neglect prevention. CTF actively provides funding to local councils to support their efforts to respond to child abuse and neglect in the communities they serve. The Chippewa County Council for Youth and Families, or CCCFYF, was established in 1985, and plays a crucial role in developing programs and strategies that suit our county, neighborhood-by-neighborhood. Each month, we participate in or facilitate an event to bring families closer together and educate them about child abuse and neglect.

Our largest project is the Welcome Wee Ones, an outreach to new parents within our county. We welcome babies born in Chippewa County with a new diaper bag full of goodies, as well as a Parent Resource Binder. These binders are filled with health and safety information, activities to do with their children, and resources available to them as residents of the county. Our second largest project is our fall annual conference, held in October, which covers a new topic, relative to our cause, each year. These conferences often have Social Work Continuing Education Credits and Michigan Education Association State Continuing Education Clock Hours.


Through inter-agency cooperation and community partnerships, the Chippewa County Council for Youth and Families helps prevent child abuse and neglect by educating parents, professional and community members; providing public awareness of and advocating for prevention issues; and participating in programs and promote the well-being of children and their families.


We meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Inter Tribal Council building from 12pm-1pm. We welcome parents, volunteers, teachers, social workers, nurses, daycare providers, and anyone else interested in positively impacting the youth of Chippewa County. By becoming a regular meeting attendee, one will have the opportunity to:

·        Organize and/or Attend Community Events

·        Facilitate Activities at Community Events

·        Vote on Decisions Pertaining to the Children’s Trust Fund Spending

·        Assist in Planning the Annual Fall Conference

·        Fundraise

·        Professionally Network – Local Doctor’s Offices, Schools, Other Coalitions/Community Organizations

·        Meet with Expectant Parents to Welcome their Wee Ones