Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians Interpretive Center

Interpretive Center and Resource Library is a tribal community driven effort. The center receives donations and loans of culturally significant items from its tribal members. Along with these donations and loans come the story and or interpretation of what each object means or is representative of. When each tribal member donates or loans an item, it is hopefully accompanied by the story of what it means to that particular family. These stories can and have been passed down generation through generation.

The goal of the Baaweting Anishinaabe Interpretive Center and Resource Library is to let the general public know “We are still here and willing to share our Story.” Some of the stories told about Native Americans are a frozen in time depiction. The Native Americans are remembered from a time long gone. The Interpretive Center wants to educate people about the Native American point of view and give them a better understanding of the “Anishinaabe Bimaadiziwin” (native life ways.)

Currently, there are no set hours or days of operation. The goal is to be open the same days and hours as the River of History Museum. The Interpretive Center is seeking volunteers to assist in overseeing the center during the same hours of operation as the River of History Museum.
If you have any questions, would like to volunteer or if you have a donation/loan, please contact Cecil at 635-6050.

Description of what the Sault Ste. Marie tribe native flag stands for: Crane represents to the native people eloquence of leadership and direction. When the Crane speaks, all listen. Eagle represents courage and preknowledge. Rabbit represents Wanabozho, a messenger, an intermediary on earth, and an advocate for the Anishnabek, to whom he gave the gift of knowledge. Deer symbolizes to the Native Americans, love and the gift of grace. Bear the gift of courage and strength, bears punch knowledge on through dreams. The Colors represent: Yellow from the East leading to the West is a yellow path, it is said this is the path of life, the path of a great warrior, the sun, Yellow represents the Eastern direction. Red represents the Southern direction and Earth and Fire. Black represents the Western direction and also is the doorway to the Spirit World. White represents the Northern direction and symbolizes spirituality and the knowledge of our Elders. Aqua-green symbolizes plant life and all things growing. Rainbow is the beautiful bridge to the spirit world and the colors of the universe. Blue is symbolic of sky and water.