Sault Women’s Health Care

Obstetric services include routine OB care as well as high-risk problems including:
Preterm labor
Multiple gestation
Recurrent miscarriage
Advance maternal age (35+ years old)
Blood clotting disorders
Diabetes (gestational and pre-gestational)
Seizure disorders
Psychiatric disorders
Substance abuse issues
Post-bariatric surgery and pregnancy
Genetic fetal testing

Gynecologic services include:

Routine annual exams
Abnormal pap smear management
Menstrual irregularities
Pelvic pain/endometriosis
Adolescent gynecology and counseling
Contraceptive counseling/management
Preconception counseling
Breast cancer screening and management of breast problems
PMS/depression treatment
Screening/treatment of STDs
Menopause counseling and management
Osteoporosis prevention and treatment
Genetic hereditary cancer risk assessment