2022 Trails Day

Trails Day this year is Saturday, June 4th, and will be the kick-off for the Trails Challenge! You will pick up your info packet at Bird’s Eye Outfitters from 8 am – Noon, June 4th. There are 7 trails to hike in the month of June! Or follow the instructions below.

Prizes for the first 100 to complete each Level and drawings for all who complete level 3 and take selfies with the gnomes along the trails using the #gnomeyourtrail on Instagram.

Level 1 – Complete 2 trails

Level 2 – Complete 4 trails 

Level 3 – Complete 7 trails 





Step 1 : Download the Sault Ste. Marie App by searching “Sault Ste. Marie” in the App Store or Play Store. 

Step 2: Make an account 

Step 3: Navigate over to the “Challenges” section of the home screen.

Step 4: Pick a trail to start with, and look for the code along the trail. 

Step 5: “Check In” with code on the trail to show you have completed the trail. 

Step 6: Complete trails to finish level 1, 2, or 3  

Step 7: After completion you will receive an email at the end of the month, letting you know if you were in the first 100 and if so when to pick up your prize or prizes. 

*You don’t have to check in for each level, it will automatically check you in to the trail for all 3 levels at once, so you choose what one you want to complete. * 

NORTH COUNTRY TRAIL @ Naomikong Overlook

This is an easy-rated in-and-out 3.4- mile trail. You can start from the Naomikong Overlook or you can avoid the elevation or you can start from the parking lot shown on the map linked below. 

This trail is a segment of The North County Trail, the longest trail in the National Trails System! It stretches 4,700 miles, 122 miles of which is in the Eastern Upper Peninsula.

Naomikong Trail Map


Algonquin trail is located right past Tanglewood Marsh Golf Course. 

This is an easy-rated 2-mile loop trail. If you want to go further than the 2-mile loop for this challenge, there are over 8 miles of trails.



Algonquin Trail Map


Round Island Point is a large block of protected habitat near Lake Superior in Brimley, MI. In total, this preserve is 1,024 acres. The trail is great for seeing all sorts of wildlife such as birds. It is a 1.6-mile easy-rated loop trail. Be sure to catch a view of Lake Superior from the observation deck.


Round Island Point Trail Map

Spirit Stone Trail

Spirit Stone Trailhead is off of W Spectacle Lake Rd. 




Spirit Stone Trail Map


Ashmun Creek is a loop trail located right in town and is just under a mile long. This trail is also a great option for hikers of any skill set. 




Ashmun Creek Trail Map


Grab your kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards and launch from Rotary Park. We aren’t excluding our awesome water trails from trails day! Make your way to Voyager island you get your Trails Day code!

Voyageur Island Map


The Lynn Trail System is a great spot to visit for a short hike through a beautiful forest right in the middle of town.

The trailhead begins in the parking lot for the Sault Seal Recreation Area tubing hill. This is a 0.8-mile easy-rated loop trail. 

Lynn Trail Map

Riding or walking on a muddy trail destroys the surface. It leaves ruts/deep holes, uneven tire and footprints, contributes to erosion and creates a hard-to-fix trail surface. Hint: If you are leaving visible bicycle ruts, deep footprints or hoof tracks the trail is too muddy.