With Sault Ste. Marie being 350 years old in 2018 you have to wonder if the oldest city in Michigan has any ghosts in town. According to the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society (UPPRS), the Soo has its fair share of ghosts in everyday establishments. 

Soo Brewing Company/Second Childhood & Adult Too– Under prior ownership as Superior Impressions, the team conducted several investigations on the premises.
The building is believed to be haunted by a former ship captain whose family originally had the structure built, and ran their retail operations after leaving the lakes. Activity includes disembodied footsteps from the upper floor and formerly, and a Christmas caroler doll which would be moved to different locations in the store after the building had been locked for the night.
Soo Brewing Company and Second Childhood & Adult Too!

The Antlers Restaurant– Formerly operated as a speakeasy and brothel, the building is believed to be haunted by both a lady of the night & possibly a waitress. Doors have been known to open on their own and office equipment to turn on and off by itself. On one investigation, a team member was pushed on a stairway in the kitchen by an unseen force.
The Antlers Restaurant

Museum Ship Valley Camp– Although no known tragedy is associated with the ship itself, it does house artifacts from shipwrecks which resulted in the loss of life. On one occasion, a heavy coughing sound was heard in the old coal furnace area. When asked what the sound was, a voice was captured on a recording device stating “I am coughing”. Shadowy figures have also been reported on the ship’s deck at night.
The Museum Ship Valley Camp

Ramada Ojibway Plaza– Believed to be haunted by Beatrice, the wife of a former owner. Rooms occupying what had consisted of her former suite have purportedly had patrons find their suitcases unpacked and rooms made up, although housekeeping service had not entered. There are also reports of a tall man in dress clothes and top hat being spotted wandering through the lobby area.
The Ramada Plaza Ojibway Hotel

The Satisfied Frog Pub– Reported activity includes nickels turning up on a formerly vacant bar and the spirit of a little girl who has been both seen and heard at the rear of the establishment. In a picture taken several years back, a gnarled, disembodied hand is seen gripping the shoulder of a young lady. No explanation has ever been reached as to where the “hand” came from.
The Frog

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