Sault Ste. Marie is blessed with spectacular views of natural wonders all year round, but one particular wonder is epic sunrises and sunsets. Keep reading to learn about four spots in the Soo to see epic eye candy at any time of year! No filter needed on these tidbits of love from the sun!

Rotary Park

To get a glimpse of heaven just a few minutes from downtown Sault Ste. Marie, head to Rotary Park. With the fall time change, it’s even easier to get here in time to experience Heaven reveal itself for a moment as the dawn breaks over Sugar Island.

Brimley State Park

Plan for a day at the beach and sunset to end a perfect day at Brimley State Park for unforgettable sunrises over Lake Superior. The water reflects the colors like a mirror, so it’s like getting two sunsets in one!

Sherman Park

About a 10-minute drive from downtown Sault Ste. Marie, you will find yourself at Sherman Park. Complete with two playgrounds for the kiddos and a pavilion to rest and have a picnic under, it is also the site of some of the most gorgeous sunsets you will ever see. Paddle out onto the river at dusk to have a once in a lifetime sunset experience.

Aune Osborn Park

It is hard to imagine that colors like these are created by a simple sunrise, but here we are experiencing the beauty of nature! Aune Osborne Park is located about 3 minutes from downtown Sault Ste. Marie and is the perfect spot to observe breathtaking sunrises like this one during the National Walleye Tournament.

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