Fall is having a slow start this year with the fluctuating temperatures and an almost procrastinating Mother Nature. We have some great fall colors from past years to inspire you to travel north and see the colors for yourself.

Sault Ste. Marie residents have been capturing photos of the fall colors all around the Eastern end of the UP. This week, we are taking the time to showcase some of our local photographers from Facebook and Instagram.

Many Sault residents are finding fantastic fall photos right in their backyard! Instagrammer TayTayKreiling13’s photo is featured on the left, and Instagrammer BenMartin86 says, “I love walking out of the house this time of year.” His view at home is featured on the right.


Of course, the residential areas aren’t the only locations to see our vibrant Sault Ste. Marie colors. Walking trails and parks throughout the area are filled with sites for photo opportunities! Instagram’s Ab_Photo (left) says that this is “photographer’s favorite time of year!”  Flashergirll of Instagram shared a peaceful fall photo of Sault Ste. Marie’s Rotary Park (right), which has a lovely walking path and view of the passing Freighters.


For some magnificent scenery, visit Sault Ste. Marie’s surrounding areas – which are just a short drive away. Facebook’s Bryanna Murray shared a few photos of the Waiskey River, which runs through Rudyard and Brimley. Even with the clouds and rain, the colors in the Eastern Upper Peninsula are sure to keep visitors smiling!



Beyond the Waiskey River, fall colors create a tunnel for traveling up to Tahquamenon Falls. An Eastern Upper Peninsula day-trip favorite, the trees and water beckon photographers of all skill levels!


Sault Ste. Marie has one final stop for fall colors. The Soo Brewing Company has a great lineup of great fall colors. As you relax at the brewery and post your photos online, remember to include the hashtag #ILovetheSoo!