Sault Ste. Marie is a place for everyone to enjoy, even those with a little adventure in their veins. Are you looking for a fun day in Sault Ste. Marie? Well here is your guide to an adventurous day in Sault Ste. Marie.

First, we start out by grabbing breakfast and a coffee. That may not sound very adventurous, but you have to start your busy day out right with a hearty breakfast and some caffeine! Stop by Superior Café, Oh Crepe and Coffee or any of the other wonderful restaurants in downtown Sault Ste. Marie to get your day started.

Next, it’s time to enjoy a morning stroll through the shops downtown to find the perfect souvenir. Enjoy the Soo Locks Park and watch some freighters pass through the locks as your breakfast settles. Be sure to stop by the Soo Locks Visitors Center to learn all about the history of the locks.

After you have spent the morning relaxing, it’s time to get your blood pumping a bit. Head down to Bird’s Eye Outfitters to get started on a guided kayak tour through the St. Marys River. Nothing says adventure like getting up close and personal with multi-ton freighters! There are plenty of guided tours to choose from, so you can pick the one that is right for you. If you don’t feel like taking a guided tour, there are also options to rent paddleboards and kayaks to explore all by yourself! Head over to Rotary Park to launch on your paddle adventure.

So, you’ve just finished a fun paddle around the waters of Sault Ste. Marie, what’s next? If I had to guess you’re probably getting hungry, right? Might I suggest heading to one of the very popular drive-ins here in the Soo? Whether you are team Clyde’s or team West Pier, either one will quench your hunger and get you ready for the rest of your adventurous day.

Now that you’ve filled up with some delicious food, it’s time to head over to the Museum Ship Valley Camp. Get a better look at what one of the big freighters looks like on the inside and see a freighter as you have never seen it before. Enjoy this new perspective while exploring the ship and all the historic artifacts inside. Did you know this ship used to sail the Great Lakes before it was repurposed into a museum? Even more of a reason to go check it out for yourself!

This adventurous day sounds like a whole lot of fun so far! But we’re not quite done. Now that you’ve seen freighters up close in ways you never have before, you’re probably interested in a new perspective of the locks as well! Lucky for you, the Original Soo Locks Boat Tours and Famous Soo Locks Boat Tours have you covered. You can finish your adventurous day with a relaxing cruise through the St. Marys River. These narrated tours will take you through the Soo Locks so you can let your inner boat nerd go crazy!


New in 2021!

The Soo Locks Boat Tours are two different companies now! No worries, you can still expect the same great service and experience from the Original Soo Locks Boat Tours and the Famous Soo Locks Boat Tours. The Original Soo Locks Boat Tours is located at 1157 E. Portage Ave. and the Famous Soo Locks Boat Tours sail out of 515 E. Portage Ave.

An adventure like this is just around the corner, and we can’t wait. If you’re just as excited as we are, share your Sault Ste. Marie adventures with us with #ilovethesoo on your social media. We would love to see what your favorite adventures are! For more Sault Ste. Marie fun, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.