Please welcome guest blogger John Naccarato! John is an avid motorcycle rider and has provided us with some of the best riding in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula (U.P.).

If you’re passionate about great rides and you haven’t ridden the Upper Peninsula yet, I personally invite you to the U.P. Today, I’m going to take you on one of my favorite rides in the U.P. from historic Sault Ste. Marie to the amazing Pictured Rocks on the shoreline of Munising.

If you make this trip, I would recommend an old-fashioned road map, as some of these roads are not easily found on a GPS.
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When heading west from the Soo, your GPS is going to want to take you along M-28, but ignore it. Cruise south out of the Soo on H63 (Mackinac Trail) to the crossroad of 6 Mile, and prepare yourself for a fantastic ride. The road changes names several times, but stay westbound and you’re good. The road goes through several small towns and past Point Iroquois Lighthouse. You’ll probably get a friendly wave from the locals. The asphalt gets a little old, but the lakeshore view, hills, and curves more than makeup for it. Turn right when the road T’s onto M-123, and 10 miles later you’ll find yourself in Paradise, literally.
Sault Ste. Marie to Munising

Paradise is great, but you’ll want to continue this journey to the end. M-123 takes a curve west out of Paradise towards Newberry through the beautiful Tahquamenon Falls State Park area. The road’s sweeping curves will satisfy every level of rider.

When you arrive in Newberry, turn right onto M-28 and make the 25-mile stretch to Seney. The highway may be calling you, but I promise the right turn onto M-77 into the wonderful little town of Grand Marais will be worth it. Watch for the left turn onto H-58. Once you’re there, you’ll be gliding along a hidden jewel of riding in Michigan. Welcome to the “Hurricane Highway.” These non-stop long, sweeping curves and hills for half of the 45-mile journey to Munising will entertain every skill level of rider. H-58 has become a true riding destination. (The video clip is from a GoPro from YouTuber Brett Haywood).
Motorcycle Ride from Sault Ste Marie to Munising

This is a spectacular ride, but if you noticed, I barely even mentioned the great attractions along the way. This day ride could EASILY become a three-day vacation.
Motorcycle Ride from the Soo to Munising, Michigan

Thanks to John for the adventure! We discovered John on Instagram with his great motorcycle pictures from our area. If you post photos from your visit to the Sault Ste. Marie area, please remember to use the hashtag #ILovetheSoo and you might end up as our next guest blogger.