It’s no secret that Michigan is a water lover’s paradise. You are never further than 6 miles away from a body of water or 85 miles away from one of the Great Lakes. And while in Sault Ste. Marie, you are even closer! There are lots of different options of waterways to explore and enjoy. In this blog we will go over just a few of those ways to enjoy some of our amazing waterways.

Relax at the Beach

Having a relaxing afternoon at the beach is a great way to refresh. And the Sault Ste. Marie area has some awesome beaches you won’t want to miss. The first beach you may want to relax at is Sherman Park Beach. This beach is right on the St. Marys River, so you can get some amazing views of freighters as they pass by. This beach also has some great amenities including a basketball and volleyball area, grills to cook on and a jungle gym for the kids to play on!

Another option for a beach is the Brimley State Park. This park has an amazing beach right on Lake Superior. Enjoy it by laying on the beach, swimming in the water or taking a long walk on the beach! There really is no better way to spend a summer day. And don’t forget to grab some firewood for an evening bonfire on the beach!

Paddle Adventure in the Soo

A quintessential Sault Ste. Marie activity is kayaking or paddle boarding around the St. Marys River. These waterways are so fun to explore. There are amazing views of the wildlife in the area plus, you can’t get much closer to the freighters passing by. Just be sure to stay a safe distance away and always wear a life jacket!

A perfect place to start your paddle adventure is by heading over to Rotary Park. There is a perfect area to launch your kayak or paddle board. Rotary Park is a close paddle to Voyageur Island, which is a great area to explore. The St. Marys River isn’t the only great place to paddle though! Head back over to Brimley State Park and bring your gear with you. There is something so fun and freeing about paddling in the wide-open water of Lake Superior. Just a short walk from the park to the water and you will be on your way!

Head out on a Soo Locks Boat Tour

If you aren’t in the mood to be in the water, but enjoy being near the water, a Soo Locks Boat Tour might be a good option for you! Not only are the Soo Locks Boat Tours super fun to experience, but it’s a unique way to experience being on the water without having to own a boat! Can’t get much better than that. These tours run anywhere from an hour and a half to about two hours.

While on the boat tour you will learn all about the Soo Locks and the area! A narrator will tell you all the cool facts that you may not have known before! You also get to go through the Soo Locks and experience what it is like to be a freighter passing through. It’s a truly unique and wonderful experience.There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the cool breeze on your face while gliding along the water, and what better way to feel that by heading over to the Original Soo Locks Boat Tours or the Famous Soo Locks Boat Tours.

Let’s Go Fishing!

Another great way to enjoy your day on the water is by fishing. Whether you fish from boat or by land, the experience is just as fun. There are so many great places to head out and cast your line in Sault Ste. Marie with a variety of different fish to snag. Rotary Park is a great place to cast your line and get great views of the St. Marys River.

Sault Ste. Marie also hosts fishing tournaments throughout the summer and fall for all different level of fisherman. If you’re interested in learning more, click here! If you have little ones that are interested in fishing, be sure to head over to the kids fishing pond near Rotary Park. They can cast their line and get their love for fishing started at an early age. Be sure to snap photos of all your catches and share them with us on our social media!

Spending a day on the water is such a fun way to enjoy Sault Ste. Marie. Grab your sunscreen and sunglasses and you’re ready to go! Don’t forget to share your photographs of you enjoying the water with us using #ilovethesoo on your social media so we can share in the fun! For more photos and videos of beaches and beyond follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, TikTok and Pinterest.