You don’t need a time machine to experience the past when you can visit the Point Iroquois Lighthouse in Brimley. Located just twenty minutes west of Sault Ste. Marie, this historical site gives each visitor a unique view into the bygone era of lighthouse keeping and the hands-on experience of climbing 72 steps to the lamp room at the top of the tower. These are all amazing reasons to visit, but the real reason you should take the trip to this site is the breathtaking fall color views that it offers from mid-September into October. Each year the foliage on the lighthouse grounds erupts into a symphony of red, orange and yellow for your viewing pleasure.

Driving up to Point Iroquois Lighthouse in autumn is a unique experience. As the road curves, the fall flavored tress lead the way to the beautiful whitewashed building. The hand built stone wall around the property introduces you to a place that has been well-loved and looked after since 1855. As you get out of the car and walk closer, the presence of Lake Superior makes itself known and demands that you take a walk down the boardwalk and pay your respects to the “Big Lake.”

It’s hard to imagine the shores of Lake Superior being a treacherous place when you are walking in the warm sand in the middle of a summer day, but remember that the lake’s mood changes in the fall along with the trees. As the days grow shorter and colder, Lake Superior becomes a dangerous place. Luckily, while the lighthouse keeps sailors safe on the water, you will be safe on land while you take advantage of the fall color changes. While you’re in the area, head down the road and check out Mission Hill for even more spectacular fall color wonder!

(Photo courtesy of Mikel B. Classen)

The landscape around the lighthouse has always been one of the perfect places to photograph the changing of the seasons. But don’t wait too long to make it up here! Peak colors are only for a limited time in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. Usually by the end of September, around 40 percent of the leaves have changed. Looking for the perfect amount of peak color? You can always keep track of the progress here.

From May 16 through Oct. 13, 2019, visitors are welcome to tour the museum inside and learn about what life was like when there was full-time keeper on the grounds. You can also make the epic climb up the tower during your visit. The view of Lake Superior from the top of the lighthouse tower is breathtaking and unforgettable! After Oct. 13 the attraction will be closed, but visitors are still welcome to visit the grounds and admire the now automated lighthouse in all of its glory. Luckily, any time of year is a good time to visit this historical landmark. Learn more about the museum and its attractions here.

There is something incredibly unique about visiting the Point Iroquois Lighthouse. It’s quite common to catch a group of visitors lost in their thoughts as they walk through the historical exhibits or as they rest on a bench overlooking the lake.

It is difficult to not be affected by the tranquility and power of this beautiful site. There is something special about the impact that this lighthouse has had that makes visitors come back time after time. It is the perfect way to pay respects to a place that has saved so many lives by providing a beacon of light to sailors, and a place to make memories for all who visit. Visiting in the fall always feels extra special, because you are witnessing the miracle of changing seasons in such a special place.

The Point Iroquois Lighthouse is a must-visit on your next trip to Sault Ste. Marie. Before you head out, be sure to book your sightseeing getaway at one of our area hotels. For more ways to experience Michigan’s first city, download our visitor’s guide or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.