Fitzgerald Lifeboat at Valley CampShip's Wheel - Valley Camp









Opening day quickens the heartbeat for many, but we’re not talking about the first game at the ballpark. Sault Ste. Marie has its own style of opening day – the day when several attractions and restaurants open for the summer season.

We take special note here that May 15 marks the opening of the Museum Ship Valley Camp – the location where the next generation of boat lovers find themselves exploring cargo holds and walking topside like a seafaring deckhand. There are more than 100 exhibits in this retired Great Lakes freighter, each with its own unique spin on the maritime world. See the lenses from famed lighthouses, explore the pilot house, and, perhaps most chillingly, touch the lifeboats that were ripped away from the S. S. Edmund Fitzgerald on November 10, 1975 without a single survivor.

See the newscast and a video tribute to the Fitzgerald, including the haunting song by Gordon Lightfoot here:

Stop by the Valley Camp on opening day from 10am-5pm. For a complete list of rates and hours, visit the ship’s website at