Have you experienced the wind in your face as you shot down a hill at 30 miles per hour in an inner tube? If you have, then you know tubing isn’t just for the summer. The Sault Seal Recreation Area is one of the signature winter locations in Sault Ste. Marie. You will often find entire families and individuals of all ages having their winter highlights while enjoying the recreation area.

Seven tubing and skiing/snowboarding hills

Sault Seal Recreation Area can provide you with a screaming good time with seven tubing hills and a ski/snowboard run. The best part is you don’t have to walk back up the hill, dedicated workers will hook you up to a tow rope to take you to the top of Minneapolis Hill.
Sault Seal Recreation Area

Curious what it’s like to slide down this manicured runway? Take a ride down in the YouTube video below.

Next to the groomed hills, there is also a section of the slope for complimentary sledding! This area is excellent for everyone to enjoy. You will have to bring your sled and leg power to get back to the top, but the exhilaration and memories are worth it!

A guided tour…

You could read on and on, but take a tour with Peter Verrett and check out Sault Seal Recreation Area for yourself.

Looking for more fun in the Soo?

Ready to learn more about the Sault Seal Recreation Area or do some more Sault Ste. Marie exploring? Let us help you out with our blog and Visitors Guide. Our guide is the ultimate handbook to the Soo. It’s available online too! Check out our guide here, and make sure to book your room to stay at one of these awesome snowmobile accommodating establishments today. 

Sault Seal is a fantastic way to spend a day or night outside; all of the runs at the hill are lit for night time fun. Make sure to tag all of your winter fun pictures with #ilovethesoo on your social media so we can share in the fun! For more information on winter activities and events for the whole family in Sault Ste. Marie, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.