Young, or  young at heart, everyone loves Sault Ste. Marie because there is so much to do within walking distance of the downtown.  Blogger Seth Harris 
Soo Locks Boat Tour

We start our adventure with one of the freshest cups of coffee you will get anywhere in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. Take a walk downtown to Bird’s Eye Outfitters on Portage Avenue and grab a cup of coffee from Superior Cafe, found inside Bird’s Eye, to start out your day. While you are there, make sure you check out the gear Bird’s Eye has on display. Did I forget to mention that this establishment also serves as a bar and an outfitter? “Coffee, beer, and gear” is their motto, and they live up to it.

Superior Cafe

Once you get your cup of coffee, go explore downtown Sault Ste. Marie. Wandering is highly encouraged here. Within a four block radius, you might find yourself at the site of a historic settlement, a crepe shop, the Soo Locks Park , a variety of restaurants, area-themed gift shops, or one of our local watering holes. Our northern community boasts incredible walk-ability, with a large amount of our downtown businesses and attractions being within a short jaunt from wherever your journey began.

Downtown Sault Ste. Marie

So, you are looking for a little more adventure? We have got that covered. Do a quick one-hundred eighty degree turn and head back to Bird’s Eye. Forgive me if I forgot to mention that they also do guided kayak and snowshoe tours of the rivers and trails in the Sault Ste. Marie area. If you are not into guided tours, but you still want to show off your outdoor skills, they can help with that, too. They keep a multitude of high-quality gear and clothing brands in stock. Ken and his Bird’s Eye team will cater to all of your adventure needs.

Bird's Eye Adventures

All this talk about our expedition is making me hungry. If you are like me, you need to satisfy that need, and fast. Nothing hits the spot for me quite like a delicious, farm-to-table meal at Karl’s Cuisine across from the Soo Locks on Portage Avenue. Enjoy an expertly prepared Stromboli, paired with a Superior Coast wine, while you watch freighters pass through the Soo Locks. Everything is made from scratch, and it shows in the quality of the dishes. Take one bite and you will know what I mean.

Karl's Cuisine

At this point, the sun is going down, and you are thinking about heading back to your room to watch Netflix. If you follow your first instinct, you will be missing out on one of Sault Ste. Marie’s most unique features: the BARmuda Triangle. Let me explain. Within three city blocks, you will find thirteen bars, including our local brewery. To make matters more interesting, their geographical layout on a map forms a triangle. Hence, the BARmuda Triangle. The sheer number of bars in such a small area may seem daunting, but the convenience and variety encompassed in this phenomenon makes the nightlife in Sault Ste. Marie a step above the rest. Please enjoy the Triangle responsibly.

Soo Brewing

Thank you for taking a tour of Sault Ste. Marie with me, a local twenty-something with an undying love for his hometown. While you are in the Soo, make sure you share your own adventures with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and tag it with #ilovethesoo.