There are great flavors, but truth is ice cream is just ice cream. The ice cream may be the same, but where you eat it makes it amazing! An ice cream cone while you’re on vacation just tastes better than the one you scoop at home. So where can you enjoy a dish or cone of frozen amazingness in the Soo?

Most visitors and locals gravitate towards Zaks Kandy House across from the Soo Locks. With 32 delicious options and plenty of air conditioned seating, this is definitely a favorite. I would recommend the Candy Bar Whirl with the chocolate covered peanuts.


Photo by Mikel B Classen


A short walk west on Portage Ave is more ice cream options at Fudgie’s Ice Cream. Bright and colorful you can’t miss Fudgies as you drive by. The best part, next to the ice cream, is the outdoor seating so you can watch the people and freighters go by.

With only two flavors of ice cream and a mile from downtown Sault Ste. Marie you could almost forget our walk-up Dairy Queen. With hundreds of combination options and everything from a Dilly Bar to a Blizzard, DQ is really worth remembering. Our DQ is seasonal so when it opens in March, yes March, people show up to spite the snow and bring on spring.


Photo by Instagrammer Mariah Goos

New to the Soo just this summer is The Brown Street Cream Machine ice cream bike. I know it’s break time when I hear her music from my third-floor office; she even accepts credit cards. Imagine if there had been the Smartphone Square back in the day!


It’s hot this summer so make sure to stay cool with lots of ice cream enjoyed in fantastic places like Sault Ste. Marie!

Did I mention there’s fudge? Another day…