Sault Ste Marie has so much to offer in terms of outdoor activities and history, but did you know that downtown Sault Ste Marie also has awesome local shops, boutiques, and eateries?

To say that there is something for everyone is an understatement. The downtown shopping experience is especially unique as it includes shops that contain everything from books and clothes to Michigan-inspired galleries and Michigan-made culinary treats!

The adventure begins in Ashmun Street, where a new shop recently launched. The Foundary, located at 404 Ashmun, is a sweet mix between vintage and handmade crafts and everything in between!  This is the perfect place to find that unique gift for your eclectic and hard-to-shop-for aunt.

A quick hop down the road and you have reached Portage Avenue. Traversing Portage is not only a walk across history, but the main drag of the downtown shopping district.

Pop your head into Birds Eye Outfitters for a delicious smoothie bowl or freshly made sandwich made by the incredible and friendly staff!

While you’re there, peruse their quality outdoor gear for your next kayak trip to Voyageur Island. Don’t forget your coffee-to-go!

Right next-door, Island Books and Crafts will ignite the bookworm in you!

Pick up a great read to take to the beach, and pick up a piece of Michigan-made copper art! Then, continue on to find the next hidden gem.

For the art lover in you, a stop in to Sault Realism is a must! From jewelry to photography to handcrafted wall and table art, this gallery is a true homage to the creative energy in the Soo.

You know you are in the right place when you see the antique wooden door. Then, you will be immediately surrounded by works of art made by the most talented artists in the area.

It is easy to lose track of time in here! There are so many beautiful pieces of art. You will find it hard to leave with only one treasure!

The Little Gift Shop is another locally-owned and must-see stop on your Sault Ste Marie shopping adventure.

This friendly shop is filled to the brim with unique gift ideas and handcrafted items. The relaxing atmosphere and positive messages all around makes this a special downtown store to visit.

Your next stop is truly be a highlight on your downtown shopping adventure. The Mole Hole, located on the corner of Portage Avenue and Osborn Boulevard, recently celebrated 40 years of business and is definitely an institution for the downtown area.

Here you can find the highest quality goods and gifts for just about anyone.

Heading west on Portage puts you even further into the cozy heart of the Sault Ste Marie shopping district. Here you can find several traditional gift shops full of Sault Ste Marie mementos including warm sweaters to keep you comfy next to the campfire on those cool Up North nights.

Not only this, but you can find one-of-a-kind places to feed your mid-day shopping snack attack including a local favorite-Oh Crepe and Coffee! This hip eatery will fill your senses with sweet and savory made-to-order crepes, as well as coffee from Superior Coffee Roasting Company. Buy some coffee and an Oh Crepe mug as a special keepsake before you head next door.

Heading further down Portage you may get a whiff of the scent of fresh chocolate! ( No, your nose is not deceiving you.) Here, you will find yourself standing right in front of Fudge du Locke where you can admire fresh fudge being made right in front of you.

Take a moment to watch the fudge making process unfold right in front of you!

Pick up a few slices of your faves and continue on down Portage Avenue! The discoveries are far from over! Let’s find more one-of-a-kind gifts, all Michigan-made!

After All this Time is another unique and locally owned business that showcases Michigan-made goods. Pick up a hat for your husband, a onesie for your baby and a piece of unique UP-inspired jewelry for your best friend.  This precious shop has it all!

We all know that shopping is a hungry business! We recommend stocking up on snacks to help fuel your downtown shopping and get an authentic taste of Michigan at Cultured Pop

Cultured Pop is known for their freshly popped gourmet popcorn in all of your favorite flavors and even some you will discover you love such as chipotle lime, garlic herb, cocoa cinnamon, and pumpkin pie just to name a few!

Each delicious bite will remind you of the sweet memories you made in Sault Ste Marie. Finally, don’t forget to buy an extra bag or two for the ride home.

For all things Yooper make sure to check out Yooper Trading Company and Sault Boutique for authentic U.P. souvenirs and memorabilia.

Handmade items made by local and regional creators and artisans fill these shops. There is no better way to be reminded of your time in the Upper Peninsula and Sault Ste Marie, than to bring one of these pieces home with you.

Whether you are traveling with your whole family or just taking a solo trip to get away, there is something for everyone in downtown Sault Ste Marie. Be sure to post your images with #ilovethesoo see we can see all of your lovely pictures of your adventures in the Soo and follow us on Instagram for more trip ideas!