A Hidden Gem

Sault Ste. Marie has many hidden gems all over town. One of those hidden gems is located in the middle of the St. Marys River. It is a spot that take will make you feel like you are on your own private island. You will have a front row seat of the passing freighters with the chorus of nature as your soundtrack. This island is named Voyageur Island and is perfect for any adventurer. Grab your paddle and get ready to take the voyage over to Voyageur Island. This Sault Ste. Marie gem is about a 30-minute paddle away and is totally worth the ride.

There are two launch points to choose from to begin your kayak excursion, so you can customize just how you would like to experience this adventure. Head east on Portage Avenue to Rotary Park. There you can find a kayak launch. Or continue traveling east on Riverside Drive and launch from the Harvey Marina. Both of these options will get you started on your fun adventure.

After you have navigated the St. Marys River to get to Voyageur Island, dock your kayak/paddle board. Now is your chance to explore all that Voyageur Island has to offer. This secluded island gives you the opportunity to relax, slow down and enjoy nature.


Stay Safe!

Be sure to keep a safe distance from freighters while paddling on the St. Marys River and always have a personal flotation device on.

Walk The Path

Once you arrive on Voyageur Island, there will be a walking path. This path varies from boardwalk trails to typical, rustic hiking trails. This is one of the many charms that makes the island so special. As you traverse the semi-wilderness, take a moment to look more closely at the trail. You may see some tracks left by wild animals! Maybe deer or maybe even moose? You never know what you might see while over there.

The island also includes some luxuries to help you feel more comfortable and at home while you explore. These include items such as a compost restroom and lots of benches. These benches are extra special because they even give you the opportunity to rest and snap some cool photos of freighters and wildlife on the water.

Watch The Freighters

One of the many perks of Sault Ste. Marie is the ability to watch freighters. Sure, Rotary Park has a great view of the big ships passing through the St. Marys River, but there is something extra special about watching them from Voyageur Island. It is a whole new perspective that anyone would love. 

While trekking the island, be sure to check the easy-to-read trail maps. These maps will help you find the perfect sites to get some amazing views of passing freighters. Watching a freighter pass the island is definitely an experience to remember.

A Nature Getaway

Not only will the various trail maps lead you to great freighter viewing areas, but there will also be highlighted areas that are perfect for viewing wildlife. Wildlife in the Upper Peninsula is abundant and that even includes Voyageur Island!

There is something beautiful about experiencing the St. Marys River from land and water. The ability to quietly paddle through the crystal-clear water brings you so close to nature. It is sincerely the true spirit of Sault Ste. Marie and the Upper Peninsula. And Voyageur Island is the perfect place to experience the beauty of “God’s Country.”

Be sure to take a few moments to gaze at the reflection of the sky on the surface of the water as you float along the river to and from the island. The stress of the hustle and bustle of everyday life will float away. Make your trip to Sault Ste. Marie a memorable day by taking a kayak/paddle board trip to Voyageur Island.

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