As a society we’re always on the go driving to the next location or the next big thing, we’re always moving. We need to stop sometimes and get out of the vehicle to look around. There are tons of great stops in the Sault Ste. Marie area that are on most people’s to-do list like the Soo Locks and the museums, but these stops are better known by the locals than the average visitor. So here’s the inside scoop on places that you HAVE to get out of the vehicle for.

Point Iroquois Lighthouse
Headed west out of the Soo along Six Mile is a peaceful drive that will bring you right to the parking lot of one of the best get out of your vehicle moments. Point Iroquois Lighthouse isn’t just a fully accessible lighthouse first illuminated in 1857. It’s a series of boardwalks through the woods and a really amazing beach. Don’t plan on just a few minutes out of the car for a picture or two, Point Iroquois Lighthouse fully deserves a few hours of exploration and enjoyment. Fly a kite or skip a stone or two while you’re there.
Point Iroquois Lighthouse

Mission Hill Overlook
This amazing location is practically across the road from the lighthouse, but so many people miss it. The drive up the curvy road canopied by trees is all part of the adventure, but the real magic is the view at the top.
Mission Hill Fall 2015 Mikel B Classen

Rotary Park
You don’t have to leave town to find yet another “get out of the vehicle” moment. East of the Sault Rotary Park is one of the best spots. I can hear you already saying that “everyone knows about Rotary Park!” Maybe that’s true, but I’ve noticed a lot of people not getting out of their vehicles there. Next time you’re there be sure to pull up a seat by the water’s edge and let life (and freighters) pass you by. NOW you’re on vacation!
Canadian Steamship Lines Mikel B Classen

Clyde’s Drive-In Restaurant
It may seem WAY too obvious to go to Clyde’s, but remember I said get out of the vehicle. How many times have you gone IN and eaten at Clyde’s? Once a year we eat at the old fashion counter inside Clyde’s with some of the other locals and hear all kinds of interesting conversations. The novelty is eating in the car, but the real experience is dinner with the locals.
Clydes Burger Big C

There are lots of spots in Sault Ste. Marie that you really should get out of the vehicle and explore, but these are my personal favorites.  The next time you’re in the Soo don’t do the same thing you did last time you were here. I challenge you to pull the vehicle over, get out and explore something new.