You can get a cheeseburger just about anywhere, but the Soo know’s how to do them best! I’ve selected four perfect locations to partake in National Cheeseburger Day. Which one(s) are up to you. I’m listing these in the order that they were voted for on our Facebook page “I Love Sault Ste. Marie, MI”.

West Pier Burger Kenneth House Al West Pier

West Pier Drive-In

West Pier Drive-In on the west end of Portage Avenue located under the International Bridge will fill your belly and leave you wishing you had room for more burger dripping with cheese. West Pier was voted second best burger in the state of Michigan 2013 by M-Live.

Clydes Burger Big C

Clyde’s Big C cheeseburger

Clyde’s Drive-In located at the opposite end of Portage Avenue near the Sugar Island Ferry is a perfect combination of cheesy goodness and great view of the freighters passing. Try the Big “C” and see if you can finish it all!

The Antlers The big foot burger

The Antlers Big Foot Burger

Antlers Resturant also on Portage Avenue looking out over the St Marys River offers up their Big Foot Burger that is sure to please. The Antlers motto is “Our burgers are so big they require two hands to eat them!”

WS Loaded Backed Potato Burger

The Wicked Sister hint: ask if they have a special burger of the night!

The Wicked Sister doesn’t offer the view that the other three do, but this sister makes up for it in originality. The cheeseburger options are plentiful and mouthwatering. The menu is entertaining while you try to make a decision.

Dine in or eat in the car. The Soo offers a vast number of cheeseburger options for your National Cheeseburger Day celebration or any day for that matter! You can check out all of the cheeseburger suggestions that our fans had HERE.