The Pokémon Go craze is more than just the negative news you’ve heard, Nintendo’s new app is amazing for people of all ages and the family vacation! Hear me out; this is way more interesting than you think it’s going to be.

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You don’t have to understand PokéBalls, PokéGyms, or even how to catch one of these Pokémon with your smartphone, all I want you to understand is that people are getting outside! The basis behind this free app is people walk around and collect Pokéballs to catch Pokémon . Emphasis on “WALK” this game requires the user to walk or ride a bike (brilliant) and all the Pokémon are located near monuments or attractions here in Sault Ste. Marie. Also, all the Pokéballs are located near the stores on Portage Ave.

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In the last three days I have found more people, of ALL ages, walking along historic Water St. Yes they are looking for Pokémon, but they’re also reading the information plaques along the walk, looking at the monuments, and historic homes. I have seen more young people in the Soo Locks in the last week, than I’ve ever seen, aside from Engineers Day. I met a Dad out on his lunch break scoping out Brady Park to see what Pokémon were there so he could bring his kids back that night. I’ve  really been amazed by this phenomenon as a parent, as a tourism marketer, and as a grown-up. There is so much good coming out of this game!

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I’m not telling you that you need to run out and download this app, but I hope you can appreciate that there is more good coming from this game than the news is telling you. Young people are walking and talking to each other in happy groups as they explore their town. Families are exploring cities to find new and exciting adventures and a few Pokémon along the way. Thank you to my children for going out and looking in these specific areas to see what Pokémon were hanging out.