When you say the word park you might think swings and slides, but most of the parks in Sault Ste. Marie have just as much for the grown-up as the child. Four parks stand out of the many in the Sault that fit the “kid in all of us” criteria, there are no over-sized teeter totters (as fun as that sounds), but there is an element of fun and maybe even relaxation.


The best park of them all in Sault Ste. Marie is the Soo Locks Park. This park needs no introduction, but I will anyway. Lush lawns, mature shady trees, and a fountain are just a few attributes, but that just barely scratches the surface of what the Soo Locks Park has to offer. Paved walkways through the park offers access to all visitors and the accessible observation deck gives you a prime view of 1000 foot freighters passing by.


A brief stroll from the Soo Locks is Historic Brady Park the original location of Fort Brady overlooking the St. Marys River and the start of the Soo Locks. There are no swings, but there are picnic tables so close to the river you can tell people you had lunch with a freighter. The proximity to the downtown and the passing freighters make this a popular lunch time location for the locals.


My personal favorite, Rotary Park, has the best of both worlds! There ARE swings for the kid and a spectacular unobstructed view of the St. Marys River at this island location. What makes this my favorite is you can see the giant boats in motion as they move up and down the river. The Soo Locks are great, but there’s something about watching the massive steal boats quietly float along. On the south side of the island is the kids fishing pond, good fishing and free for kids 16 and younger. Another reason it is a favorite is because you have to pass Clyde’s Drive-In Restaurant to get to Rotary Park and they have the best milk shakes in town.


Last but never least is Sherman Park on the west side of Sault Ste. Marie. This is a fantastic park for all ages with a sandy beach, children’s play equipment, volleyball nets, and picnic tables making this a popular summer destination. Known by the locals as Ankle Bay because you can walk a considerable distance before the water gets deep, this park provides the perfect mixture of activities for the kid in all of us.

When you visit the Sault you’ll have plenty of parks to choose from all across the city for all interests and all ages. If you get some great photos of your visit to Sault Ste. Marie please tag them on social media with #ilovethesoo so we can enjoy them too!